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Matrix Solutions, LLC was incorporated in 2004 and is currently the acting as the international distributor for Refractory Anchors, Inc. ( Corrosion Protection line of products.

The products contained in this site are widely used both domestically and internationally for application behind refractory furnace linings to retard dew point corrosion. With exception to KilnCoat 2100 (inorganic), all remaining products offered by Matric Solutions, LLC are asphalt based “mastics” designed to be applied in two coats with the ability to remain in place on overhead/sidewall applications without slumping or running between temperatures of 40-120 degrees F (5-50Degrees C).

Although all Matrix Solutions, LLC products can be applied with brush or roller for repair or small applications 500SF (46 M2) and below. Best results can be achieved by spray application through a GRACO Airless 45:1 spray equipment (universal ratio for application of all products). All Matrix Solutions, LLC products should be applied in a minimum of two (2) coats of best results.

Matrix Solutions, LLC serves as an international service point for all products listed. We can accommodate freight quotes, L/C’s and international documentation at his site.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We are glad to assist you with finding a solution to your dew point corrosion problems.